Join us for Laya Taal Saadhna 2023

We are excited to announce an upcoming concert featuring talented students of the Indian Music Society of Houston. More than 70 students will be showcasing their mastery of the Tabla under the guidance of Guru Pandit Shantilal Shah. The concert, titled “Laya Taal Saadhna,” will take place on April 9th, 2023, at the Stafford Civic Center.

This year’s program is being dedicated to Taal Yogi Pandit Suresh Talwalkar, who celebrates his 75th birthday this year. Bade Guruji, as the students affectionately know him, is one of the greatest Tabla exponents of the present times with many unique contributions to the landscape of Indian classical music.

Laya Taal Saadhna, which translates to “practice of rhythm and beat,” is a tribute to the rich heritage of Indian classical music and the important role of Tabla in it. The concert will feature performances by our own students who have been training diligently with Pandit Shantilal Shah, one of the most respected Tabla players and teachers of our time.

The concert will be a unique opportunity to experience the beauty and complexity of Indian classical music, with performances of many different traditional compositions. The students will showcase their skills in playing various complex rhythmic patterns with tonal clarity, demonstrating their mastery of the instrument and their understanding of the nuances of the music.

Pandit Shantilal Shah has dedicated his life to the study and teaching of Indian classical music, and his guidance and expertise have been instrumental in the success of our students. He has trained them to be not only skilled musicians but also to have a deep understanding and appreciation of the art form.

We invite all music lovers to join us for this special concert, as our students take the stage to showcase their talent and dedication. This event is not to be missed, as it promises to be a captivating evening of music and rhythm.

We look forward to seeing you at the Stafford Civic Center on April 9th, for an unforgettable evening of Indian classical music and Tabla performance. Doors open at 1:45 and the program begins at 2:00 p.m.

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