An Afternoon Concert with Dr. Vikas Kashalkar

This series of clips are from a private house concert with vocalist Dr. Vikas Kashalkar and harmonium player Shri. Makarand Kharwandikar, in Austin, TX in 2009.

Dr. Kashalkar began the afternoon with Raag Bhimpalas set in Vilambit Ektaal.

Raag Bhimpalas

Dr. Vikas N. Kashalkar (vikaskashalkar.com) hails from a family with music tradition, and is an accomplished vocalist of the Gwalior Gharana. He received his basic training in classical music from his father, N. D. Kashalkar, who was a renowned musicologist and writer. He later received his advanced training in music from Pandit Gajananrao Joshi, a stalwart of the Gwalior, Jaipur & Agra Gharana and a violin virtuoso.

The second piece of the afternoon was composed in Raag Rayasa Kanada.

Raag Rayasa Kanada

Dr. Kashalkar’s singing reflects all the brilliant facets of systematic training : ‘Talim ka Gana’, in the language of the music connoisseurs. His melodious voice and intricacies of ‘Tanas’ give immense joy to the listeners, as witnessed in these recordings.

Dr. Kashalkar concluded the afternoon performance with a Dadra in Mishra Khamaj.

Mishra Khamaj

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