Parent Reflections

I have known Pt. Shantilal Shah as my son’s tabla teacher for the past few years now.  He is a very loving and caring teacher who relates to his students very well.  His energy and wit makes learning fun and enjoyable for his students.  Besides teaching tabla, he guides his students by imparting valuable life lessons.  We are fortunate to have an artist and guru of his stature amongst us in Houston.

Chandra De


Our Guruji has taught many Indian values to our children: respect, focus, and concentration, all with love and affection. We thank him for all that he has done in teaching these important concepts to so many children.

Piyuse and Geeta Das


We first heard about Guruji Shantilal Shah around two years ago from our close friends as well as from the local Indian newspapers. There was an unanimous view that he was a superb teacher in tabla, among the best of the best.  Since we were planning to have our younger grandson Kishen learn tabla, this was a golden opportunity. We enrolled him in Guruji‘s class around January 2014. Within the last two years, his progress in tabla has been amazing and beyond all expectations.  He has participated in several public concerts and demonstrated his skills. Guruji is an exceptional teacher, very caring about his students and makes up for any lost classes. He even schedules additional classes when the students have to participate in public concerts. He cares a lot about his students. Devoted teachers like him are rare in this age and time. We gratefully acknowledge his contribution to  the development of Kishen‘s skills in playing tabla. May God bless Guruji for his role in shaping the musical life of so many students. Indeed, Houston is lucky to have him.
Prasanta and Swayamprava Misra