Guru Shishya Parampara

The Guru Shishya Parampara (Teacher-Student tradition) is a truly Indian tradition. For thousands of years it has been one of the best ways to pass on knowledge from one generation to the next.

This parampara is built on the foundation of Trust, Devotion and Discipline between Guru and Shishya. A Shishya surrenders to his Guru, and in return the Guru unconditionally passes on all the knowledge and teachings to his disciple. Over the years a deep bond develops between Guru and Shishya.

This is the environment in which a student will find himself/herself immersed in when they begin learning under this tradition. The cornerstone of this form of teaching ensures that the student gains a much more intimate knowledge of the instrument and music in general. Over time, this Parampara allows students the ability to independently present what they have learned.





Our Gurukul

Pt. Shantilal Shah and Smt. Aparna ShahIn the Guru Shishya tradition, the Gurukul is the Guru’s home and center of learning.

We are blessed in our Gurukul to have Smt. Aparna Shah (Guruji’s wife), who is an accomplished vocalist and educator in her own right. Through her, we students learn about the subtleties of Raga and vocal accompaniment, and her performances gives us all a great appreciation of music.

Along with her musical gifts, she creates and maintains an appropriate atmosphere in the Gurukul that inspires music and promotes learning. We students always feel at home when coming to Guruji to learn.

Without her presence, our Gurukul would not be complete.